Grounds Team to the rescue!

Dear Sir,

I ask you please to ensure that this message reaches the management team responsible for a gentleman called Mitch and his workforce who have spent this last week clearing three fallen trees at Llanllwchaiarn Churchyard, Newtown, Powys.

I am the rector of the parish and therefore responsible for the churches and churchyards. Following the recent storms we had three trees fall onto our churchyard – smashing our fence whilst one huge beech tree, dismantled and damaged several gravestones. Part of the churchyard was a real mess!

Mitch and his workforce from Gardiners came to clear the trees. They worked solidly for five days, they were polite and obliging, they cleared the trees and left the churchyard tidy beyond belief and expectation. I am sending you this email as I feel that Mitch and his colleagues deserve recognition and a big thank you from the management team. I have already expressed my thanks and appreciation.

Thank you,

Nia Wyn Morris – Rector of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn

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