Café Disabled Access Improvements

Devizes – Caen Hill Lock Café – Disabled Access Improvements

In April 2015, Gardiners completed the stone re-surfacing of the footpath from the public car park and replaced the timber beam ends and brickwork of the existing lock bridge. The timber beams were extended to make the gradient wheelchair friendly, improving access to the Caen Hill Café. Quadrant alterations were also completed to widen the access whilst maintaining function.

Consideration was given to the site heritage values; material selection and design being agreed with the Canal and River Trust.

FSC sourced Douglas Fir was the timber of choice for the bridge alterations, with locally sourced furnace bricks secured using NHL5 Lime mortar for the extended lock quadrants. Throughout the works, safe public access was maintained (including canal traffic access through the locks with the assistance of our operatives).

All work was completed to a high standard, on time and to budget. We also received a letter of commendation from a member of the public.

“I just wanted to say that the upgraded footpath from Caen Hill car park to the towpath is a great and welcome improvement!”.
Caen Hill Lock Café, Devizes
Caen Hill Lock Café, Devizes
Caen Hill Lock Café, Devizes
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