Gardiners make exceedingly good cakes…

Well, maybe not in Mr Kipling’s league but nearly…

Increased traffic (local and HGV) in the pretty village of Hellidon near Daventry, had badly eroded the Godcake in the road (Godcake is a local term for the triangle of grass at a road junction at the point where the road splits to go left and right) and as these are considered to be an important and historic characteristic of the village, a permanent and aesthetic solution was required. Gardiners created granite sets with a renewed tarmac surround and a soil centre, to allow the planting of wildflowers to match with the immediate surroundings.

Gardiners have many years experience of this type of work and our workforce is trained (by external specialists) for Safety at Street and Road Works, covering such items as avoiding danger from underground services and proper vehicular signalling.


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